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Wow, stupid people.

2009-09-19 02:20:45 by Pro-cute

So, I only just found out that there were comments on my flashes. Since NewGrounds doesn't email me to inform me of this, I only just found out today.
And what really irritates me is when people don't read the description , and then give me a 20 minute critique on flashes and how to do it properly.
I don't make flashes to show off my "madd flash making skillz."
I make them for my own purposes, and it just so happens that Newgrounds is a place where I can upload them for free and send the link to people I care about.
So if you aren't one of those people and you don't like it, GOOD FOR YOU. I really DO NOT care, and I would appreciate it if you kept your shitty opinions to yourself.
If, for some reason, you do like my flashes, I won't bite your head off if you write a nice comment. It's good to know when my work is appreciated, even if it is stupid.
Anyway, enough of my rant, now. In the future, though, please actually read my descriptions BEFORE assuming that I'm trying to be cool.
I'm so not.